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If you have a passion for food and for cooking, being a professional chef is a fun and rewarding career. All you need are a solid culinary education and some hands-on experience. Liaison College will provide you with the training you need to launch your career in as little as three months. Start by learning more about our specialized Diploma Programs.

Cook Basic - Level 1 Program

The Cook Basic Program is a 300 hour course that provides hands-on and in-class theory training in classic culinary techniques. (Some campuses may offer this program as a part-time student option).

Cook Advanced - Level 2 Program

The Cook Advanced Program is for graduates of the Basic Cooking Program. It lays special emphasis on meal presentation, food quality and creativity. Students also learn mathematical skills, costing, kitchen and restaurant management.

Chef De Cuisine

Chef De Cuisine combines the Level I and Level II programs into one continuous program.

Culinary Management

This program includes all the course work from the Chef De Cuisine Program and adds management-style courses to help you succeed in a managerial role.

Specialist Chef

This program is similar to the Culinary Management Program but doesn’t include Level II courses.

Personal Chef Diploma

Personal Chefs have become the fastest growing job segment, employing thousands of chefs across North America. You can fast-track your career as a personal chef by taking this course, where you will learn small business skills, marketing, advertising on top of honing your culinary skills.

Our students’ education is rated as among the finest in the world. They gain first-hand experience through our community programs.

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